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  1. JePao

    Giveaway Design

    Hey! Hows your going? We hope you re fine and probably you will be more when you know we are few promotions for this month, to start we have a Giveaway Active until the 17th of March! What we are gifting ? Youtube Banner, Twitter Banner or Stream Overlay. Click here to enter the GiveAway Happy Woman Day 2021 to all.
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  2. Hello @danilocastro i will answer your doubs. 01 -> Yes but our cheat has limited slots. 02 -> Clicking on the "Green Up" of the top near to Cart. 03-> Our software is easy to use we don't have guides for now, When you buy only need to go to downloads and download the client loader, after that you need to put it into a USB to make it work (it doens't work without a USB) later you login with your forum account and select the cheat version you want for example Steam or PC and click on Load/Inject. Extra-> do not buy if you want to use aimbot, at this moment we are fixing issues with aimbot, Thanks.
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  3. ZwClose



    Requirements: * Windows 10 x64 ONLY *INTEL & AMD Supported! *Only Support Windows 10 x64 from build: 1902 to 21H1 Working on Apex Legends || Warzone || Cold War || NetEase Information: Thank you for purchasing our software, here you will be able to download the Cheat Loader to use our cheats. If you have any error or have doubs about how to use the Cheat Loader please refer to this guide. If you are experiencing any error and you want to try to solve yourself before contacting support please refer to this guide. If you need help or have doubs about using a specific cheat please check this forum. Need help or support? If you can't solve your issue or need to chat with an administrator please open a ticket here and select also describe your issue. If you want to join our Discord Server (Only Customers Can Access) please click on the above image or this link.
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  4. ZwClose

    Official Resellers

    Authorized Resellers: Allison Da Rodrigues: (Paypal, Bank Transfer, Pix, BOLETO) || Discord: ! NinjaNC#4048
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  5. 10/10 I Have No Cooment This is The Best Chaet i ever Use
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  6. raijin1


    Im pay for vip cheat with coinbase, but wher can i join cheat discord and how can i download cheat ?
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  7. I wrote you several emails but alright. The coinbase thingy told me to tell you the code J7GMJEQF And if you are that busy then appoint new mods and support, you have several applications, but everyone is better than having none. I have administered several forums, I know that at least support staff is very easy to find, and if you end up not liking them, turn them back into a normal user. And btw, these could then make a report of the only important topics, thus you could save the time of looking through every thread. :at: I have confirmed your payment, your subcription its now enabled and i have restored your lossed days and added some to him. About the emails, that email ins't really checked cause we provide our support via discord and here. About the moderators/staff, we don't trust anyone cuz a lot of our old staff has been inactive before some weeks of work, and this doens't work like that. Enjoy any problem report here or in discord server.
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  8. @danilodcastro, I am a cheat user and I say that it is excellent for gambling in general, I highly recommend it.
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  9. timmy187


    i need a HWID reset please
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  10. ZwClose

    Cyber Hunter Review

    Hello! Thanks For Your Review, We Apreciate It!
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  11. ZwClose

    Marketplace Rules

    To provide a toxic free experience you will need to follow this rules or you will be banned. Do not disrespect anyone, even other members or sellers, this will result on permanent ban. Do not resell our products, this will result on deactivation of your key. Do not sell or request illegal things, like Cracked Accounts, Cracked Software, DDOS or anything that can be used to damage our website or third party websites. Do not attempt to scam any member, if you do you will be banned and posted as scammer so everyone will know what do you did. Do not spam threads or spam to staff for activation of your thread.
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