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  1. Hi, are you sure your card is allowed to pay online or it have balance? by the way to pay with alipay you need to use the chinesse currency, and if you want to purchase with another method like paypal contact us via private messa or discord.
  2. Authorized Resellers: Allison Da Rodrigues: (Paypal, Bank Transfer, Pix, BOLETO) || Discord: ! NinjaNC#4048
  3. Places: 2

    Applicants: 3

    Welcome to our Moderators Recluitment Requeriments 18+ Years. Knowledge about cheating. Able to help customers with known problems. What do you will get? Access to all cheats including the testing/private ones. Lifetime on all cheats. Access to the private Discord server. Access to Moderator panel. Moderator role on forum. Moderator role on Discord server.
  4. Hi thank you for your honest review, at this point the visible check ins't finished yet and its a bit bugged so sometimes it will flicker or say the enemy is visible when its not, will be solved on next updates.
  5. Thank you for your review and your oppinion its very important for us! But please be careful with the bans!
  6. Hi @Beta-S, has i said on Global chat the only way to get banned with our products right now is by getting reported since we can only support the anticheat and no the netease staff Anyways here is a explaination from our private guides for customers (check image)
  7. To ensure people belives and take serius your scam report you should provide proofs and details about it. For example if you contacted the seller via Discord, Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform make sure to take screenshots or videos of the conversation while you are purchasing it, just in case of the scammer deletes his messages you will have the proof. You can also take screenshots or videos while you are contacting the scammer via our Community and make sure its username is perfectly visible. If you purchased a Game Account such as steam, cyber hunter, creative de
  8. To provide a toxic free experience you will need to follow this rules or you will be banned. Do not disrespect anyone, even other members or sellers, this will result on permanent ban. Do not resell our products, this will result on deactivation of your key. Do not sell or request illegal things, like Cracked Accounts, Cracked Software, DDOS or anything that can be used to damage our website or third party websites. Do not attempt to scam any member, if you do you will be banned and posted as scammer so everyone will know what do you did. Do not spam threads or spam to
  9. Hey! Hows your december month going? We hope you re fine and probably you will be more when you know we are few promotions for this month, to start we have a Giveaway Active until the 20th of December! What we are gifting this Christmas 2020? Shadow Creative Destruction - x2 Keys for 1Month. Shadow Cyber Hunter - x2 Keys for 1Month. Click here to enter the GiveAway Hey don't leave yet we are something more for you! It is a 15% Discount at checkout for every product in the store and it is valid until the 30th December so what are you waiting to save a 15% for your next
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