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  1. COMPLETED [Staff Recluitment] Moderator Applications

    Postulaciones de Reclutamiento de Moderadores de Foro y Discord
    Estos requisitos deben cumplirse al 100% antes de aplicar o su solicitud será rechazada .
    Al menos 18  años o más.
    El conocimiento sobre cómo funcionan los trucos / hacks también experimenta su uso ( no se necesita experiencia en programación ).
    Capaz de ayudar a los clientes con sus problemas habituales o comunes .
    ¿Qué obtendrás?
    Acceso a todos los trucos de la tienda y algunos privados .
    Acceso al servidor Discord solo para clientes y personal .
    Función de moderador especial en el servidor Discord .
    Rol de moderador especial en el foro.

    Position: Moderator

    Number of places: 6

    Applicants: 16


  2. [Resellers Recluitment] Resellers Applications

    Resellers Recruitment Postulations
    Here you will be able to apply for a Authorized Reseller on our platform, that means you can resell our products for the price you want and without the risk of being banned cause you are authorized by us.
    How the Reseller System Works?
    You Purchase Products from the Resellers ONLY Store at lowest prices than the normal user prices.
    You Resell it to your customers by the payment method you want and for the price you want.
    Profit you will be earning money by selling our products easily usually to users that aren't able to purchase directly with our payments methods.
    Other things to consider before applying
    We do not give support to your clients, since you are the seller and the keys are on your own account you need to manage the support of your customers by your own.
    We do not offer any kind of refound under any circustance.
    You cannot sell our products under the official price (our store prices) but you can sell at the same price or higher or the one you want.

    Position: Reseller

    Number of places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 81


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