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Scam Reports Guidelines


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To ensure people belives and take serius your scam report you should provide proofs and details about it.

For example if you contacted the seller via Discord, Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform make sure to take screenshots or videos of the conversation while you are purchasing it, just in case of the scammer deletes his messages you will have the proof.

You can also take screenshots or videos while you are contacting the scammer via our Community and make sure its username is perfectly visible.

If you purchased a Game Account such as steam, cyber hunter, creative destruction, origin etc, make sure the scammer gies you the email and password of that account, otherwise he can recover it and you will loss the money and the account.

By the way we aren't responsive of any of the scams, its up to you but we will do our best to ensure the minimun ammount of scams.

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