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Cyber Hunter Honest Cheat Review


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Cyber Hunter Honest Cheat Review


Esp, charms, wallhax ect.:

They work as intended I want to say a good solid 99% of the time with few exceptions of it not drawing the box on one or two players every 1 out of 15 games. Charms is always working even with the uncommon bug of the boxes not appearing. So you will always be able to see your enemies.





Aimbot, No recoil, and Auto shoot: 

The no recoil feature was a little confusing for me at first but with the help of the support team it all made sense. I wasn't expecting the No recoil to have auto shoot but it does. It does also work and what it says and reduces the recoil down to little or nothing. Aimbot is Nice and useful. The only con is when those players that doesn't have the box or proper esp displaying; the aimbot and autoshoot will not work. No recoil will work regardless of this uncommon issue.





Overall experience:

I love it and this cheat keeps improving and improving. It does have a few and here minor minor bugs but what cheat doesn't. Example sometime the cheat menu will disappear all together when enabling some features. However usually starting another game fixes that. *Best fix is go to training room, leave, and return to it usually fixes it*


Overall experience rating: 



Why 10/10?

Because this cheat is constantly improving, its works 99% of the time, and your going to win a lot of games. 


Would Highly Recommend You buy if you play Cyber Hunter


Thank you all who put your time and effort into this.

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