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Doubt to buy the game cheat Creative Destruction


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Hello! I am interested in buying the Creative Destruction game cheat, but before finishing, I would like to clear some doubts:

01 - Is cheating still available for sale?


02 - How do I buy?


03 - After payment, how do I receive the guidelines for installation and injecting the cheat?



Thanks for listening. Waiting for answers.

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  • Developers Team👁️

Hello @danilocastro i will answer your doubs.


01 -> Yes but our cheat has limited slots.

02 -> Clicking on the "Green Up" of the top near to Cart.

03-> Our software is easy to use we don't have guides for now, When you buy only need to go to downloads and download the client loader, after that you need to put it into a USB to make it work (it doens't work without a USB) later you login with your forum account and select the cheat version you want for example Steam or PC and click on Load/Inject.


Extra-> do not buy if you want to use aimbot, at this moment we are fixing issues with aimbot, Thanks.

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