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💰Referral Program Get Paid by Referring your friends!💰

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  • Developers Team👁️

Hi we present you our new referral system, improved than the older and easier, also you can get paid or spend the credit on the cheats you want.

You may ask how it works?

Its easy every member have a referral link to share to their friends or known people, you need to copy that link and share it to your friend and your friend need to complete the registration through that link and make their first purchase, if your friend dones't register with that link you won't earn nothing so make sure he uses your link.

Now you know you to get referrals and you probably ask how you will be credited right?

Well its easy too, this system its fully automatic once your friend register using your link and make their first purchase you automatically and instantly will be credited with your % of the total price of your friend purchase.

Now the final question, how you can redeem that credits?

Every earning you get its accumulated on your Account Credit, and you can redeem it on our store cheats or get paid via PayPal.

Is there a minimun requeriment to withdraw the earnings?

Yes, 5$ wich its our minimun cheat price, once you earn 5$ on the Account Credit page you will be able to see a buttom that allow you to request a withdraw.

1 -> Click on your profile name and look for "Account Settings".


2 -> Once you are on inside Account Settings take a look for "Referrals" Tab.


3 -> Here you will be able to see your referral link, the persons that you have referred and your earnings.



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