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Unban discord.


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Hi, I've already had enough months in discord for a mod from another discord group (from CryHax, if I remember badly it was something like monkey or gorilla that gave me ban), the reason I do not remember very well, I know we had a crossword (which I spoke to him kindly and he came to answer me in a bad way, is quietly in the logs of chats), and I banned both discords, if I remember the argument wrong was because he needed usb to use the hack and I asked if I could use a virtual unit, it was some time ago I do not remember well how it was but it was a silly thing which was not even in the discord of colorcheats, my question is if they can disband me, they can search in the cryhax discord and You will see that I was not aggressive or anything (it was like 5 months ago, I recently found out that they have a forum and I tried to contact someone so I can see this topic a long time ago), is it possible for me to unbanned?


Sorry for my bad English.


My discord is Kindra # 2135

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